Dorm Cooking

For most college students, living in a dorm is an unavoidable part of it all. Love it or hate it, sharing a tiny room with 1 or 2 others comes with its benefits and challenges.  For those days you just can’t make it out of your twin XL to the cafeteria, here are some creative ways to satisfy your hunger without binging on ramen.

Mug Snacks

Grab your biggest mug and try one of these recipes! With a couple simple ingredients and a microwave, a hot meal is just a few minutes away.

Mug Snacks


Quick Snacks

These pick-me-ups require no preparation – so no excuses for grabbing a candy bar when you’re pressed for time. These snacks are just as quick and easy!

Quick Snacks


Get Creative!!

An Iron to make a panini?! Nothing is out of the realm of possibility.  Use these ideas to make a meal that feels like home cooked using what you already have in your dorm!

Creative Meals